The Company

Waach is a Video management and recommendation platform with cross-platform analytics catering to content creators, multi-channel networks & publishers.

The Problem

The tech startup required end-to-end guidance and practical solutions – from validation of their idea to product development and marketing – in preparation for their launch.

The Solution

Go-to-Market Strategy

To understand the potential target audience of their product, we began by conducting a series of brainstorming sessions. This allowed us to then build customer personas, also exploring in-depth user experience journeys of similar systems.

A series of user interviews were then conducted to further identify the requirements that their system would adopt. During this period, our creative professionals incorporated these key findings to provide the client with suggestions for its brand identity.

Redefining the Brand

Our team organised a branding exercise that included workshops and brainstorming sessions to ensure that the company had an identity that allows its customers to clearly distinguish it from its competitors.

IT Solutions

The company’s web application needed to encompass an intricate system that would integrate popular video and social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Youku, along with comprehensive analytics that was retrieved to facilitate video and social media management. We then ensured that the system/web application built was fully optimised, allowing users to push their videos to multiple platforms simultaneously while aggregating analytics across these platforms.

We also set up a public database of video statistics to empower brands and creators alike to get an overview of the industry and its performance/trends.

The Outcome

They rapidly transitioned from ideation to obtaining a minimum viable product within 6 months. They gained first-mover advantage, acquiring a sizeable customer base. They have since gone through a series of strategic revisions, improving on functionality and stability after their launch.