The Company

Steward’s Solution is a one-stop solution for the food and beverage industry.

The Problem

The company had been growing over the past 20 years, without the opportunity to review and formalise their internal processes. In seeking investments to expand the company’s portfolio and explore markets overseas, they required a formal audit of the company’s processes.

The Solution

Business Strategy

We sent a team of consultants into the company for two weeks to conduct rigorous interviews and on-site evaluations. Through the information and data gathered, two comprehensive audit reports were generated to highlight the necessary changes for maximum efficiency and productivity.

The report included a structured overview of the company as a whole, encompassing a detailed analysis of their current processes in place as well as a comprehensive financial valuation of the company. A 5-year roadmap was also recommended within the report, which included the formulation of business development strategies, also providing suggestions on ways to develop partnerships with key industry leaders.

Recommendations also included frameworks on how to decentralise their management and operations, the implementations of financial controls, as well as advice on a revamp on the brand story to better align their identity both internally and externally.

On the tech front, the company was still using legacy solutions that saw several systems failing to speak to each other. We coached them on ways to consolidate their systems and migrate their data to the cloud.

The Outcome

An 80-page report was created, presented and accepted by the management team. The report contained detailed recommendations for expansion options, structural change and potential growth markets.