The Company

A financial planning software company, Goalsmapper maps one’s current assets and expenses as well as income and liabilities with one’s financial goals to project a detailed financial plan.

The Problem

The company required assistance to develop a system that would cater to financial planners and their clients.

The Solution

Information and System Architecture

Our consultants conducted user interviews and research to determine the functionalities required for the new system.

Our findings showed that current systems in the market didn’t factor in a host of essential variables such as clients’ medium to long-term objectives as well as how financial goals evolve over time. It needed to incorporate specifics like one’s spouse’s financial dependency, whether one was in in-between jobs as well as the current financial climate. It was decided that such a system would find success largely by linking with other financial data portals.

The team administered user experience as well as functionality testing which incorporated several revisions based on our findings. The process allowed us to deliver marked improvements in their overall system – making it more intuitive.

The Outcome

Goalsmapper was successfully launched as a platform that factored-in variable such as current financial climates, inflation as well as user specific information such as financial commitments. This allowed financial planners to better propose solutions to its customers.