The Company

Fastacash is a global payments platform that allows users to transfer value (money, airtime, etc.) along with digital content (photos, videos, audio, messages) through social networks and messaging platforms.

The Problem

Making headlines after raising US$23.5 million in investment funding, the company’s rapid expansion resulted in a lack of formal operational processes and disjointed internal communications.

They were also facing the challenge of translating the buzz and investor confidence gained over the past few years into actual revenue.

The Solution

Organisational Restructure

A team of consultants was sent into the company to review their internal processes and formulate recommendations for the company as a whole.

We interviewed key staff and analysed their internal systems and processes. Standardised on-boarding processes were implemented to reduce the time it took for new hires to settle into their roles and improve company productivity.

Golden Equator Consulting was also engaged to fill a B2B Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role for the company, advising their clients on procedures and processes in relation to their launch and marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy

Reporting directly to the CEO and Chairman, GEC’s consultant team was embedded within the Commercial and Marketing functions of fastacash, to help create new revenue strategies and increase the efficiency of communication and action between key departments.

The Outcome

GEC produced a 36 page report, outlining potential issues and highlighting organisational structural problems within the business. We also worked with fastacash’s clients to create launch roadmaps, budgets and strategic marketing plans and targets for new product launches.