The Company

Campore is an end-to-end retail company that deals with the import and sale of premium, authentic foreign brands into Cambodia, through a distribution company and a physical retail store.

The Problem

The new entry had no prior experience in the Cambodian retail industry and needed to gain better overall visibility among its target audience. They also required assistance in the evaluation of suitable brands that would appeal to the local customer before acquiring them.

The Solution

Business Strategy

Our team started with a discovery mission which led to deep-dive focus group driven research to determine the range of brands, audience profiles and sweet spot needed to make the project succeed. GEC also assisted the Campore team with a business plan, administrative reports, channel development and training for both key staff and those on the front-line.


GEC worked with the Campore team to create new collateral and design, as well as creating the branding and development of a loyalty programme, one of the first in Cambodia.

Digital Marketing Strategy

As Cambodia is a socially driven nation, a Facebook-driven marketing and branding campaign was implemented. This was backed up with an SEO campaign to raise the profile of the Central Mall website.

The Outcome

Within six months of our engagement, Campore had new internal processes and had opened up three new revenue streams (distribution) within Cambodia. Sales revenue at Central Mall also rose by 50%. Within 12 months Central Mall achieved monthly break-even figures for the first time. The Facebook page garnered more than 40,000 likes in the same time period.