The Company

Asia Finance is a financial portal that sets out to educate, facilitate and empower both professionals as well as members of the public to make sound financial decisions. There is a particular emphasis on financial inclusiveness.

The Problem

As a new portal the client needed a comprehensive solution that included branding, website development and a go-to-market strategy. They also required a detailed product roadmap as well as comprehensive marketing services.

The Solution

Go-to-market Strategy

A series of internal workshops enabled GEC’s consultants to be able to flesh out the core pillars of Asia Finance, creating the first customer journeys and objectives. The brand development roadmap was laid out as a three-phase, multi-year project. We also advised on editorial recruitment and give strategic advice on both tech and content.

IT Architecture

The site was built as a mobile responsive content portal, with the architecture structured to be flexible enough to build (and incorporate) stand-alone financial products on top of the existing site. We have also built the second phase of the site – an equity crowdfunding platform.

Defining the Brand

As launch consultants, GEC helped the client name the portal, designed the logo and the layout of the portal. We also developed a style guide, presentation templates and other collateral.

Strategic Communications

Our team provided a strategic communications plan that included advice on the content pillars that the portal should cover. We also crafted a social media strategy that saw us creating targeted content for social media. This helped to increase their target base considerably.

Content Creation

The GEC team of writers and designers has been engaged to help create articles and infographics for the portal and rich content for the social media channels.

The Outcome

Asia Finance was successfully launched into the market, with content that has gone viral. The equity crowdfunding platform has been incorporated into the user flow of the site and GEC’s writers continue to be engaged to create content for the platform.